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9 Oil Tips and DIY Uses of Sandalwood Essential Oil

After a long process of stripping, chipping, filtering, and distilling Hawaiian Sandalwood heartwood, Hawaiian Sandalwood essential oil is produced and used for its wide variety of uses and benefits. Its main chemical component, santalol, gives Hawaiian Sandalwood oil grounding and uplifting properties. This oil is commonly used for its aromatic benefits due its ability to […]

Thyme Essential Oil 101: How to Properly Use Thyme on a Daily Basis

For centuries, thyme has been used across nations and cultures for incense in holy temples, ancient embalming practices, and warding off nightmares. Just as its history is rich with a variety of uses, thyme’s diverse benefits and uses continue today. Thyme essential oil is extracted from the leaf of the thyme plant and is high […]

Here Are 10 Ways Ylang Ylang Essential Oil can Help Improve Your Health

The Ylang Ylang flower is harvested by some of the hard working natives of Madagascar to produce doTERRA’s potent Ylang Ylang essential oil. This flower has been used for centuries in perfumes, religious ceremonies, aromatherapy, and wedding events, and the essential oil produced from this blossom is just as versatile. The many uses and benefits […]

Best Ways to Make the Most of Your Lavender Essential Oil    

With a distinct aroma and countless applications, Lavender has been used for centuries. Anciently, the Romans and Egyptians would use Lavender as perfume and for bathing and cooking. Since that time, many have discovered the myriad benefits that Lavender holds—using Lavender oil topically for skin, internally to ease feelings of tension and promote restful sleep, […]

Why Juniper Berry is One of the Most versatile Essential Oils in the Market

Extracted from the berries of a coniferous tree, Juniper Berry essential oil is recognized for its versatile uses and benefits. The scent of Juniper Berry oil is woody, spicy, and clean. When used for its aroma, Juniper Berry essential oil has a calming and grounding effect and can also be diffused to help cleanse and […]

8 Reasons Helichrysum Should Be in Your Essential Oil Collection

Referred to by some as the Everlasting or Immortal Flower, the Helichrysum plant offers several benefits to the skin. With rejuvenating and restorative properties, doTERRA Helichrysum essential oil has many uses, including reducing the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles, providing a soothing sensation for the skin, and promoting a healthy metabolism. Often used in anti-aging products, […]

What are the Uses and Benefits of Grapefruit Essential Oil

  Commonly known for its sour and tangy taste, grapefruit is the rotund, yellow-orange fruit of an evergreen citrus tree. Grapefruit essential oil is derived from the rind of this fruit and is cherished for its many uses and benefits. The aroma of Grapefruit essential oil matches the citrus and fruity flavors of its origin […]

10 Facts About Geranium Essential Oils

  Used as a beautifying agent in Ancient Egyptian times, Geranium essential oil is extracted from the entire geranium plant. The uses and benefits of this beautiful plant are highly versatile and are used to boost the appearance of skin and hair. Geraniums are valued in the perfume industry for their floral scent. Inhaling Geranium […]

10 Reasons Why Frankincense is the King of Essential Oil

Frankincense has a variety of notable uses and benefits. This powerful essential oil is revered for its ability to beautify and rejuvenate skin when applied topically, and to promote cellular health and immunity and produce a healthy inflammatory response when taken internally, among other benefits. With all of its many uses, there is no question […]

Uses and Benefits: Top Reasons to Start Using Fennel Oil Aside

  Uses and Benefits: Top Reasons to Start Using Fennel Oil Aside Used for centuries in a variety of applications, fennel is known for its distinct licorice flavor and aroma. Today, Fennel oil can be used for culinary purposes as well as internally to promote a healthy respiratory system, healthy digestion, and more. This unique […]

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