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Instantly transform any room into a tranquil fragrant environment with Breathe In Wellness. Our products only need a few drops or half a cup of your choice of essential oil to add a calming scent to your entire home.

Versatile, practical, and stylish, our aromatherapy products are some of the best quality ultrasonic oil diffusers you’ll find in the marketplace. These essential oils and reed diffusers will not only produce radiant scents but will also add a sophisticated touch in every room. On top if it all, you can change the scent in the essential oil diffuser based on your taste, depending on your current mood, or even according to the season.

Why You Need An Essential Oil Diffuser

One of the best reasons to use an oil diffuser is to help you relax after a busy day. You can either set it on your bedside table to allow your body and mind to relax, and to sleep better at night. Keep one on your living area so it freshens up the room as it removes any unwanted smells.

You can even have one in your study area or office, allowing you to become more productive. Another option you have is to use it during your break or before going home so you can get rid of any stress or anxiety.

Your home and your whole family deserve to be surrounded by everything healthy and aromatic. Allow Essential Oil Diffusers to constantly uplift the mood of your home by constantly enveloping it with revitalizing scent. Check our wide selection of oil essentials and diffusers to find the right product that matches your home or workplace needs.


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Ruth W. Smith

Being a natural health and wellness fanatic, I know the benefits of essential oils. I purchased the ultrasonic and nebulizing diffusers for both the home and office and my friends have commented how cool it looks, especially with the changing LED colors. I was worried the product might get damaged during shipment as it contains glass, but it arrived in perfect condition and I’ll be ordering more soon during the Christmas season as gifts for my friends.

Rachel J. Johnson

The ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser is a great addition to my bedroom. It comes with 6 LED lights in soothing colors, which helps to calm me down after a long day of work in the office.

Marilyn Soh

The Reed Diffusers came with the pretty flowers as part of the design. I ordered 2 sets, one for the home and another for my office desk.  Not only does it beautify the room, it keeps it smelling fresh with the lavender and jasmine essential oil scents.

Amanda Tan

I love the wood grain ultrasonic diffuser that I purchased. The product arrived within 5 days and it was in perfect condition.  I use it everyday in the house with my favorite essential oils to purify the air and ensure the room smells fresh.


I’ve always been a big fan of essential oils for their therapeutic properties.  Not only does it clean and purify the air, it helps to reduce my asthma and keeps the room smelling fresh too!  My 3 bottles of essential oil arrived quickly and I’ll be ordering more soon for my aroma diffusers in the house.