Top 9 Things That Make Cilantro Essential Oil a Must Buy


Well known as a key culinary ingredient, Cilantro oil comes from an herb recognized for its many uses and benefits in the kitchen and for the body. Cilantro oil has a flavorful kick that can be used in many different dishes, including dips, salads, meats, and guacamole. Incorporating Cilantro into meals can spice up an average recipe. Consuming Cilantro can also provide powerful internal benefits. When used internally, Cilantro essential oil can aid in healthy digestion and act as a natural cleanser and detoxifier for the body. Cilantro oil can also help cleanse and freshen the air when its sweet and herbal aroma is diffused. When applied to the skin, Cilantro provides a soothing and cooling feeling that can aid in the relaxation of the body. Cilantro essential oil’s diverse capabilities make it an important oil to have in any home.

Cilantro Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Fall in love with essential oil recipes by trying this healthy and delicious Jalapeno and Goat Cheese White Bean Dip with Cilantro and Lime essential oil. This dynamic combination of spicy Jalapenos, rich goat cheese, and hearty white beans is a crowd-pleasing dip perfect for a variety of social occasions. The Cilantro and Lime essential oils add a unique and flavorful twist, making this an ideal dip for vegetables and breads alike. Make sure to include Jalapeno and Goat Cheese White Bean Dip in your next social gathering and it will surely impress family and friends.

Sometimes a simple internal cleanse is just what the body needs. Cilantro essential oil is a great oil to use for a bodily cleanse due to its powerful cleansing and detoxifying abilities. Place two drops of Cilantro essential oil in a Veggie Capsule and take it internally to experience a cleansing and detoxifying effect that will leave your body feeling refreshed.

Spice up your citrus diffuser blends with Cilantro essential oil. Cilantro oil has a fresh, sweet, and herbal aroma that works perfectly with citrus blends. When you add Cilantro oil to the citrus blend of your choosing, the pure aroma of Cilantro oil will add to the freshness of the citrus oils, creating a soft, herbal aroma. Cilantro can also be used in non-citrus blends to produce a piquant freshness.

Are you looking for a tasty and healthy recipe the whole family can enjoy? Try a healthy twist on the traditional burger with this Vegetarian Black Bean Burger recipe. This delicious recipe is packed with vegetables and essential nutrients that will satisfy your body—especially your taste buds. With the addition of Cilantro and Basil essential oils, the burger is not only healthy but bursting with flavor. This essential oil recipe is a great and delicious way to up your veggie intake.

Avoid unpleasant smells in your home or at work with Cilantro oil. Because of Cilantro’s fresh, herbal aroma, it is a powerful oil to help you steer clear of unwanted odors. Place a few drops of Cilantro oil into a diffuser to help deodorize any room and dissipate the unpleasant aromas in the air. When diffused, Cilantro essential oil will not only eliminate bad smells, but will also fill the room with its fresh, herbal aroma.

Create your own cilantro rice dish by adding one drop of Cilantro oil to your cooked rice for a delicious and zesty boost. Cilantro is known to elevate dishes to a new level of flavor and is commonly used in rice meals. By adding Cilantro essential oil, you can transform a mundane pot of rice into a cilantro rice dish that all will enjoy.

After eating a favorite meal, dining out with some friends, or having a tasty holiday dinner, it is not uncommon for the words “stuffed” or “too full” to come to mind, describing the lethargic, after-food state. For moments like this, make sure to have your Cilantro essential oil in tow. Cilantro oil contains powerful properties that can aid with digestion when used internally. Use Cilantro essential oil with water or in a Veggie Capsule after over-indulging to assist with digestion and avoid the lingering effects of that “stuffed” state.

Forget about chopping herbed cilantro; make your cooking experience an easy one by using an essential oil. Cilantro oil is power packed with benefits from its original herbed state. It can be used to replace herb cilantro in a variety of recipes while still providing flavorful benefits. Try replacing herb cilantro with 1 drop of Cilantro essential oil in all of your favorite guacamole, salsa, salad, or dip recipes. You will love how easy and delicious it is.

Taking Cilantro essential oil internally can do wonders for the body. Cilantro oil contains many natural and important components that are beneficial in bringing the body needed support. Place one drop of Cilantro essential oil into a Veggie Capsule to provided your body with important antioxidant benefits.

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